Different Activities Of Potapokhuri Paisa Puja Committee

Health Camp Activity

Health Camp Activity At Potapokhuri Paisa Puja Committee


The Free Health Camps are conducted in the rural areas where people are neither able to afford medical treatment nor having any basic knowledge regarding health and hygiene. So, through these programs people are given various tips on health issues. Besides these, basic health problems and sicknesses are diagnosed with free medicines. The program is conducted in its targeted area with the hired doctor from the government or private hospital. In fact, these programs have been great benefits to many such peoples who could not reach to the nearest local hospitals.Uppahar has borne a lot in order to help the needy beneficiaries in conducting such activities. In many places Mother and Childcare, AIDS/HIV awareness program were conducted.Towards creating a healthier society by popularizing preventive measures, GMRVF organizes awareness programs on various issues of health and hygiene. For this purpose, Foundation makes use of visual media which communities are familiar with … like street plays, Kalajatha, puppet shows etc. Another strategy employed is involving children and youth in awareness programs like rallies, debates etc. because, children are the best messengers to carry the message to their parents, family and other community members. Health-weeks and health camps are also generally organized in villages for different age groups. 

Information about the conduct of health awareness sessions and camps is widely canvassed by Foundation well in advance. These sessions and camps are organized in coordination with the community keeping their time and other constraints in mind. Through these activities, Foundation ensures that such programs reach maximum number of people.